Evaluation of the CD-ROM SUPER OWL (by Pestalozzianum, June 2000)
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Evaluation of the CD-ROM SUPER OWL (by Pestalozzianum, June 2000, translated from German)

The CD-ROM contains 30 educational games (testing sequences) for training and testing auditory perception.
Two time limits and two difficulty levels can be chosen for each game.
Sounds from diffent musical instruments, noises, melodies and excerpts from spoken languages are used as materials. The objective of the different games is to discriminate differences of pitch, rhythm, timbre and sequence, to store them in the auditory working memory and to identify them by careful listening.

With the help of three sets of games - with quite some variation - it is possible to test and train auditory perception in a do-it-yourself mode.
The program is easy to manipulate. SUPER OWL is useful for individual testing and training as well as for therapy.

The games are of high quality. They definitely get added value by the use of the PC.


SUPER OWL can be used for testing and training auditory skills during individual training or therapy. The games aspect is less prevalent than the skills aspect. The games reqire a high level of full attention and auditory competence. Doing the games takes quite some effort. It would not make sense to do all 30 games in one run. An evaluation of your game results can be found at www.learning-systems.ch