A teacher's experience with EAGLE EYE und SUPER OWL
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A teacher's experience with EAGLE EYE und SUPER OWL
Normally I use the CD-ROMs Eagle-Eye and SUPER-OWL as follows:
The kids work either on their own or in groups of two at the computer.
They do 4 to 5 games (out of 10). I am not waiting for the computer to record their scores but after each session I jot down their scores to make a diagram for display.
Like this it is possible to show their scores permanently and without them needing to do a whole group of 10 games.
Time and concentration requirements allow to complete only a portion of the 10 games (of one given group of games) in one run.
I go from student group to student group and often sit down with one of them to see how they work and how they observe each other's strategies and discuss them.
Like this they learn about perception strategies and I learn about their difficulties. I can also use these CD-ROMs as diagnostic tools. If needed I can encourage them to try out new strategies.
These CD-ROMs offer a good opportunity to train cognitive skills needed for many activities.

G.A., teacher, Kreuzlingen (Switzerland)
December 2005