International Version - English, German, French
32 educational games for developing micro-strategies in dealing with numbers and quantities.
9 degrees of difficulty.
Numbers from 0 to 1000
Instructions in English, German or French.
For individual and professional use.
Each player gets his own score file on harddisk C: and possibly an entry in the hall of fame.
Except for the score files the program runs entirely from the CD-ROM - like all products from Hunziker Multimedia.
9 degrees of difficulty (plus bonus points in degree 9) allow the use with different target groups:
- for diagnosis and training of basic mathematical ability (from Kindergarden age - game instructions need to be explained by parents or teachers)
- for normally gifted students (from second grade onwards) with arithmetics problems
- for students with learning difficulties in auditive and visual working memory span, especially in arithmetic (up to adults)
- for difficulties caused by number anomalies of the mother tongue (eighty-seven - siebenundachzig - quatre-vingt sept)

This Windows CD-ROM doesn't require an installation.
Needs Windows 95 or higher with a Pentium 80MHZ, sound card, quadruple speed CD-ROM drive.
Games are structured in such a way that better strategies lead to higher scores. Wrong strategies are phased out, because they take too much effort.
Numbers and quantities are used most of the time in "real life" situations.

The instruction language - in these screen shots German - can be selected at program start.

How many points do you see? Counting vs. adding strategies.

Depending on degree of difficulty: Pay this bill or hand out the change.

17 games can be switched from auditiory to visual presentation of tasks. So differences between auditive and visual working memory can be seen and the weaker part trained.
Price and ordering are same as with Eagle-Eye and Super-Owl CD-ROMs.