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Hans-Werner Hunziker (1934) studied Psychology at Berne University (Switzerland) and Miami University, Oxford (USA) and took his PhD in Psychology with a thesis on
the psychology of problem solving.
After some years of language teaching (English, German and French at secondary school level) and research work on the role of eye movements in visual problem solving he joined PHILIPS to become a counselor for customers who wanted to make the best use of new technologies in education. During many years he was chief editor of the Philips publication SCOLA and organized training courses for teachers on the use of video equipment, language labs and other educational hardware.

In 1968 he acquired for PHILIPS the world rights of the famous "Language Through Pictures" self-study courses ( by Professor I. A. Richards from Harvard University) and supervised new studio recordings for release on language lab audio cassettes.
From this a whole activity started at a time when PHILIPS was still a "hardware only" company.

Hunziker authored many self study language courses - starting from small tourist courses in 34 languages to complete self-study courses in 17 languages with up to 6 different levels each.

His first book "Audiovisuelles Lernen und Kreatives Denken" appeared in 1973 and was used as a reference work by many developers of audiovisual media.
He later published a series of books on Learning Technology.
He wrote the first non-linear interactive learning program for the Swiss Army and worked as a part-time consultant for a teachware company.
He organized teacher training seminars in many parts of the world : China, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa and Japan.

In 1990 he was appointed director of the PHILIPS CD-i Studio of Switzerland, specializing in the developement of interactive language courses on CD-i.

In 1996 he founded HUNZIKER MULTIMEDIA based in Thalwil, Switzerland, for developing educational multimedia titles on CD-ROM.

1998/2000 he was also a trainer for Psychology of Multimedia at a special curriculum for multimedia coordinators

2002 to 2004: Workshops at the Teachers Training College (Hochschule für Heilpädagogik) in Zurich (Computer assisted perception training)

2005 Swiss Congress for Special Needs Education in Berne: Visual Perception Training

2006 Book: Im Auge des Lesers, foveale und periphere Wahrnehmung: vom Buchstabieren zur Lesefreude. ISBN: 978-3-7266-0068-6

2007 Teachers Training College (Pädagogische Hochschule) Berne. Workshop: Theory of Visual Perception and Reading Difficulties with Practical Applications.

Publications by Hans-Werner Hunziker:

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CD-ROMs by Hans-Werner Hunziker:
ISBN 978-3-7266-0047-1 Eagle-Eye (1968/2000 ): visual perception training,
ISBN  978-3-7266-0062-4 Super-Owl (2000): auditory perception training,
ISBN  978-3-7266-0046-4 Kalkmonster, (2001): perception training of numbers and quantities,
ISBN 978-3-7266-0053-2 Eagle-Eye Junior (2003): face and object perception from 4 years,
ISBN 978-3-7266-0067-9 Speedrat (2005): high speed recognition of isolated letters and of over 2500 of the most frequent English words in 330 games grouped according to length and similarity. Speedrat also contains a test of reading speed and comprehension. Scores are compared with standards from the author's latest research.
ISBN 978-3-7266-0073-0 CD-ROM Deutsch mit SpassKid 1-12 (2006) HÖREN - VERSTEHEN - SPRECHEN - LESEN - SCHREIBEN
( Interactive German course for students with at least 3 years of German tuition)