CD-ROM doesn't start under Windows 2000 or XP

(Most frequent error message: "Initialization failed. Not enough memory or file is damaged".)

This difficulty only occurs, when users other than the administrator or power user want to run the program.
If you log in as administrator or power user the program runs ok.

To configure user permission for other users proceed as follows:
(the images are from a German XP version, but instructions are in English).

1. Start->system management ->system (doubleclick)->advanced->environment variables

2. In the lower part of the window (system variables) click on TEMP and then on configure.

In the window configure delete the whole line of text and replace it with the text below (copy/paste)

USERPROFILE%\local settings\Temp

Then click OK and again OK and restart the computer.

Now the CD-ROMs work with all user names.