No sound with games (mostly with SUPER OWL under Windows XP or VISTA)

Establish a shortcut on your desktop:
Open the AUTORUN folder of the CD-ROM SUPER OWL and right-click EULE02N.exe ,then choose "create a shortcut".
The shortcut will appear on your desktop.

Exit the program either by the main menu exit button or by Alt-F4

From now on you start the program as follows:

Insert the CD-ROM while holding down the SHIFT-key.
Click the EULE02N shortcut on your desktop.

Your sound will be OK.

In case this doesn't work (due to special configurations):

(double) click the file MTB30RUN.EXE in the folder AUTORUN
In the field "List Files of Type" select "all files" (click on the arrow to go to the bottom of the list).
In the upper field select the start file (for Superowl it is eule02n.exe) and click OK.