Problems with Eagle-Eye on fast computers and under VISTA

After clicking Start, Eagle-Eye shows the computer speed factor (Number of times faster than a 486 with 100MHZ)

This factor is normally between 8 and 12 on laptops. If it is 40 or higher, game speed may be distorted.

Also in case of other problems download an updated version:

Under VISTA create first an empty file named ADLER1.TXT and copy it to the root directory C:\
Download the patch file
1. Unzip the file Adler06.tbc to your desktop.
2. Insert the Eagle-Eye CD-ROM while holding the SHIFT key down to prevent automatic program start.
else the CD-ROM will start the unchanged version automatically and has to be exited first - via Alt-F4.

4. Doubleclick the file Adler05.tbc file.
A dialogue will ask you for a program to open it. Indicate the path to
X:/Autorun/MTB30RUN.EXE where X is the Letter of your CD-ROM drive and check the box "open always with this program".

Additional feature of this updated version:
At language selection the program will show a checked box with "Full recording on"
If you leave this checked and enter a name when the program asks for it you can record scores
without completing all 10 games of a group.
A first click on EXIT will record your results and set the counters to zero.
A second click on EXIT will exit the program.
If you do not want this, uncheck the box before you select the language.